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Peachtree Playthings & Miricale Gro Kids

Peachtree Playthings & Miracle Gro Kids:

Introduced a whole new Miracle Gro Kids line which we worked with the licensor for many years to develop. You can see the licensor website at www.miraclegrokidsgardening.com and Peachtree's website at www.peachtreeplaythings.com/products/toy-and-craft-activity/miracle-gro-kids

Miracle-Gro Root Viewer Box
Miracle-Gro Root Viewer
Miracle-Gro Watering Can

Miracle-Gro Kids gardening sets include everything you need to grow your own Flower, Vegetable and Herb gardens. Our specially designed Kid-safe grow kits feature the Miracle-Gro® Gro-Pod™ system and real Miracle-Gro® Gro-Mix™! Peachtree Playthings and Miracle-Gro® are planting seeds with the gardeners of tomorrow.

Miracle-Gro Playset
Miracle-Gro Greenhouse
Miracle-Gro Root Disney
Miracle-Gro Root Grow a Plant

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