We work closely with companies to strategically expand their product lines and grow their businesses. We "Taylor" our approach to meet your company's needs!

Taylored Concepts is a strategic and creative force in the toy, juvenile products, consumer electronics, pool, sporting goods, and gift industries. Rather than just blindly creating countless numbers of product concepts and "throwing them up against the wall to see what sticks",Taylored Concepts carefully looks for strategic opportunities that exist within the marketplace and then identifies the optimum means of capitalizing on those opportunities. This might mean inventing and developing a new product, recommending entirely new product categories that are right for a particular company; or recommending new channels of distribution, new methods of merchandising, a new line or brand positioning or a corporate or character license that will help to optimize sales. In some cases it will mean incorporating all of the above into one very clear and carefully woven business plan. Taylored Concepts works with both established companies and startups to help build their businesses.

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